Die-cast aluminum

The undisputed master of his (weight-)class.

Aluminium is a light metal material with a variety of exceptional properties, which it is thanks to them that in modern diecast diverse aluminum products can be realized.

Despite being markedly lighter similarly high component strength as steel are achieved. Aluminum can conduct heat and electricity and is resistant to corrosion due to its self-passivation. In our cold chamber die casting machines least possible wall thicknesses can be achieved thus weight can also be saved.
Even intricately shaped geometries can be produced with the highest surface quality, mechanical reworking requires little effort, or is no longer necessary, thanks to our “cast-to-size” technology.
We are proud to be one of the few specialists world-wide who have perfected the finished casting for maximum casting accuracy. This makes it possible in many cases to dispense with a further post-machining.
Last but not least, aluminum is known to be excellent for recycling (in Europe is far more recycled aluminum than primary aluminum processed).

The aluminum processing at Eisenmann.

Eisenmann Druckguss supplies cast from A to Z, from aluminum to zinc. From the melt to the finished part. All from one hand. Perfect control of the project management began on the development, the mold, quality management and a comprehensive customer service.
The use of the latest technology ensures the highest precision and quality, thus ensuring timely delivery of products. With our machines (closing force 320-980 tons) we produce die-cast parts weighing from 1 g to 6,000 grams.

The majority of these parts will receive a machining.

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Overview data

schliesskraft Closing force:
Ten fully automatic casting cells of 350-1,050 tons locking force.
gewichtProduct weight::
1 – 6.500 grams


See aluminum alloys

Aluminum alloys
  • 226 D   EN AC-46000   EN AC-Al Si9Cu3(Fe)
  • 230 D   EN AC-44300   EN AC-Al Si2(Fe)
  • 231 D   EN AC-47000   EN AC-Al Si12Cu1(Fe)
  • 239 D   EN AC-43400   EN AC-Al Si10Mg(Fe)
  •                  EN AC-43500   EN AC-Al Si10MnMg(Fe)

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