Development / Prototypes


Eisenmann Druckguss is not only castings manufacturer but highly development partner for its customers.
For this purpose, are important reasons to call:

  • Steadily increasing customer demands concerning the casting quality require early involvement of the developement department regarding design suitable for casting, weight reduction as well as maintaining and improving the strenght properties. Cast-design, weight reduction as well as maintaining and improving the strength properties.
  • Manufacturing Technical restrictions can be taken into account from the outset and the construction can be optimally adapted to the specific production facilities.

With numerous new developments worldwide casting technology plays a major role. The pursuit of the automotive industry by continually decreasing fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, contributes to the wider introduction of lightweight construction. As a determining way applies the integration of functions and thus reducing the number of parts to be assembled and their weight. Therefore, many measures are to be tried out and applied in order to overcome the difficulties.
Successful development and production of complex die castings requires the use of the latest technical solutions and technologies. Because “diecast” is precision and for that it needs excellent engineers, innovative ideas, solid know-how and well-trained, motivated employees. All this can be found at EISENMANN DRUCKGUSS.

Design for manufacturing

Our engineers and technicians perform the importance of precision to a whole new level. By using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), we can produce prototypes, part geometries and tools.

This includes the following:

    • Siemens NX / Catia V5 / Solid Works
    • Moldflow 3D simulations
    • STL parts
    • 3D printing
    • Sand casting / investment casting
    • Milling examples
    • Soft-tool

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